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Beanie natural

What does „ALL GOOD“ stand for? Is it about the material? Is it about the good looks? Is it about the good feeling? Well, it’s about all of the above and more — it’s a state of mind and what you make of it. It’s ALL GOOD.

This modern beanie is designed to do more than just keeping your head warm. With the striking colors and the embroidered ALL GOOD badge, it assures a cool look while strolling through the wintery city or the snow-covered forest.

Made of high-quality and extra fine cashmere-merino-wool, these cool beanies are cozy, comfortable to wear and are real eye-catchers.


  • 8% fine cashmere, 92% merino wool extra-fine, knitted
  • high-quality superlight thick thread
  • all natural fabric

Form & Fit:

  • cool shape
  • modern look
  • mwide turnover


  • sturdy rib structure
  • wide ribbed turnover
  • hand knitted optic
  • cool embroidered "ALL GOOD" slogan badge
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79,00 €
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