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Naked Portemonnaie Grey

Naked Portemonnaie is a wallet that has undressed itself. Seems too simple to be functional, but is actually truly convenient to carry cash, checks and plastic.

This Portemonnaie is a slim & minimalistic, yet a perfectly functional billfold wallet that won’t stretch out your pockets. Intentionally simple from the outside to emphasize the natural beauty of vegetable tanned leather & clever from the inside. Carry 3-4 credit cards in both sides (and try not to change the amount rapidly) & you two will stay friends forever.

  • Measures: 83 x 95 x 10-19 (mm)
  • Fits up to 8 cards & banknotes height similar to 50€ note
  • Organically tanned leather from Tärnsjo Garveri, Sweden
  • Handcrafted in a workshop in Estonia
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69,00 €
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