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woman's loose v neck sand

The coolness of a men’s T-Shirt due to the straight, easygoing shape without side-seams, with the twist of subtle sexiness effected by the deep, narrow V-neck. Believe us, when we promise: This is really a charming garment for every good moment in life. With this T-Shirt, you will attract attention in a very easygoing and pleasant way.

For over a hundred years, the material blend used for this shirt was a popular substitute for the expensive Maco-cotton from Egypt. Even today, the comfortable haptics can hold its own – this material may be a revision, but isn’t it an original nonetheless?

  • Maco-Imit (67% cotton, 33% viscose)
  • natural, light material for maximum comfort for your skin
  • soft and comfortable structure
  • 1-count durable quality
  • slim, but still comfortable cut
  • authentic yet modern design with deep V-neck
  • straight sleeves
  • straight hem
  • maximum comfort: due to circular knitting and therefore no side-seams
  • ca. 2cm extra length, as garment will shrink in the first  wash

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As low as 69,00 €
inkl. MwSt.


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