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Beston Haus am Rand

Beston's "Fo'castle," the beach cottage which served as the setting for the book The Outermost House, was built in June 1925 and then claimed by the sea in February 1978. Beston (born Henry Beston Sheahan in 1888; died 1968) named the cottage "the Fo'castle" because its ten windows and its commanding presence on top of a dune overlooking the open Atlantic Ocean gave him the feeling of being aboard a ship. Over time, the structure also came to be known as "The Outermost House."

  • OT: The Outermost House
  • Translated by Rudolf Mast
  • With an afterword by Cord Riechelmann
  • Linen cover with ribbon in the slipcase
  • 224 pages
  • German edition
  • ISBN: 978-3-86648-269-2
  • Release date: 11.09.18
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