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Montgomery Oktopus

They can distribute 1600 kisses at once, he can taste with his skin, change color and shape and despite a body weight of 45 kilograms squeeze through an opening the size of an apple: the octopus. And not only his physical superpowers make the eight-armed to a miracle of the seas. Theys guys are clever, above all. They can trick, play, learn, they can recognize human beings and make contact.

In her award-winning book, naturalist Sy Montgomery talks in a touching, knowledgeable, entertaining way about her encounters with these extraordinary animals and raises a remarkable question: do octopuses have a consciousness?The epilogue was written especially for the German edition of the world's most famous fan of this book: Donna Leon.

  • Extremely clever and incredibly sensitive: The amazing psychic life of the Kraken
  • 336 pages
  • German edition
  • ISBN: 978-3-86648-265-4
  • Release date: 29.08.17
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